1. What time do you arrive to set up?

We aim to arrive at least thirty minutes before we are due to commence with the booth, this is so that we can get everything set up and ready to go at the appointed time.

2. What if you are late getting there?

Although we will always endeavor to be on time sometimes due to external factors this is not always possible.  We will always ensure that you receive your full three or four hour hire period

3. How portable is the booth, are there any locations where you can’t set up?

The booth can be set up almost anywhere, however we do need plenty of notice if it needs to be carried up any stairs or is going to be located in a hard to reach place.

4. What do you require onsite to operate the booth?

The standard party booth requires an area of 2 x 1.9 meters and a plug socket close by. If you are having a photo guest book we also need a clear work area where we can have your guests sign the book

5. Can we buy extra copies of the photographs?

YES - The next day the images will be uploaded onto a website where your guests can purchase extra copies.

6. Is there a specific time for the hire period or can we decide the timings?

Your three hour period can start at anytime, some customers prefer to start the hire period later in the evening for example 9pm till midnight.

7. What if we need you to set up the booth earlier in the day, but don’t want it until the evening.

We can do that, however there is a fee of  20 per hour after the first idol hour, that it is not in use. So for example we set it up at 4pm, but you don’t want it to operate until 8pm. The first hour is free so there would be a 60  idol charge.

8. Why do you charge an idol fee?

The idol fee is to cover staff expenses incurred during the idol period , there is also a small hire charge included.